Welcome to Cephren!

Blueline Online and eBricks.com have joined together to create Cephren, Inc.

Cephren was a master-builder of The Great Pyramids.

Just as Cephren changed the way the world was built... With the help of our customers, Cephren, Inc. will change the way you build the world with our collaboration and e-commerce framework.

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Cephren provides customers like you with a more efficient and streamlined way to do business with our unique, online collaboration and e-commerce services. Whether you're a developer, architect, engineer, general contractor, subcontractor, distributor or manufacturer, Cephren's integrated framework recognizes you once you've signed on and will integrate your projects and e-commerce needs automatically to simplify the design-to-build process.

Manage your next project online, bid and procure online, and help change the way the world is built today!

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Public Relations Contact: Scott VanSickle, Account Executive, McGrath Power, scottv@mcgpr.com, 408-727-0351
Investor Relations Contact: Brooke Deterline, Associate Vice President, bdeterline@mwa-sf.com, 415-439-4514